Imprint on the heart

Imprint on the heart – online group for grieving parents

The imprint a child leaves on our heart never goes away. No matter how short the life of the child, or how much time goes by, the grief of the loss and unlived life can be felt in our relation to others and in our physical and mental health for years.

Group led by therapist Fanny Isnard (specialist on the topic of baby loss) and therapist in training and mindfulness instructor Aglaia Michelaki.

Max 10 persons. Cost: 200 euros (contact us if the price too high). Start: October 21.

In this group you will:

-have the possibility to express your grief in all its dimensions (sadness, pain, anger, guilt…) and be heard
-work in particular around stigma and taboo which usually are important aspects when you lose a baby
-get to know other people who go through the same experience and benefit from their presence and sharing-be able to work with your grieving process, wherever on the path you now are


Through a caring and authentic dialogue, practical exercises/experiments and some theory around grief, accompanied by two professionals, a Gestalt therapist who herself lost a baby and is specialist in that topic, and a Gestalt therapist in training and mindfulness instructor. We meet first on video 30 minutes individually. Then we meet in group, eight times, two hours once a week. And after that we meet again 30 minutes individually.

What is Gestalt therapy?

A type of psychotherapy that places the relationship therapist/client at the center. Through a caring and mindful dialogue in the here and now, the person is able to become fully aware of his/her own feelings and express them, to cultivate self-acceptance and self-compassion, to put words on her/his own needs and discover ways of fulfilling them and to improve her/his relationships.

Contact: Fanny Isnard Persson – +46 7 07 33 66 09 or Aglaia Michelaki +45 31311669

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